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A Busy Mom’s Guide to Self Care


As a busy mom I’m sure the phrase self care isn’t something you say very often; I know I don’t say it very often and I’m a mom of two. Self care is so prevalent now-a-days that it’s hard to not see something about it in our daily lives. I see at least one self care e-mail, Pinterest suggestion, or post on Instagram daily. 

So what exactly is self care you ask? The idea behind self care is that you do something to re-energize your mind, body, or soul however often you need. Taking the time to re-energize can help relieve stress and anxiety, boost energy and confidence, and make you a better mom. Who doesn’t need that in their life, am I right?

The beauty behind your self care routine is that it can be simple or luxurious. And sometimes it includes the family! Think about what you enjoyed doing before you had kids and work those activities into your routine. Or take your shoulda, coulda, wouldas from before kids and finally do them.

If you’re struggling with adding self care into your life start with something as simple as running errands sans kids. Listening to an audio book or a podcast during your commute or a walk can count as self care. Binge watch a TV show that you don’t get to watch when the kids are awake with your favorite snack. One of my favorites is waking up before my family to drink coffee while watching my favorite show.

If you’ve mastered sneaking little moments into your routine try for something that requires more effort. You can book a massage or take an exercise class to feel relaxed and energized. Find an online or community class of a past hobby to rejuvenate your brain and spend some quality time with yours truly. Get a sitter, dress up and have a night out with a significant other or girlfriends; self care doesn’t have to mean that you are alone! 

If all else fails and you just can’t find the time to take a moment to yourself include the kiddos. This option is a little less glamorous and indulgent, but it CAN be done. Get everyone to put on a face mask and sit quietly for a couple minutes. Start a journal with your kids to tell secrets or jokes to each other during a digital detox day. Add personal reflections, pictures, or make a bucket list when you get to journal alone. If taking an exercise class outside of the home isn’t an option try to find one online. I find quick workouts on Pinterest or Youtube all the time that I can have my girls do with me so we all get a little movement into our days. 

I know as a mom that it’s hard to wrap your brain around finding time for yourself; don’t get defeated if you can’t find the time or don’t know what to do when you get a spare minute alone. By reading this blog post you’ve carved out a little bit of time for yourself so it IS possible! Self care can be anything that you need or want it to be.

Help a frazzled mom out and let me know below what your self care time looks like in the comments!

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