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A Mom Graduates From Bare-Bones Camping to “Glamping”

I didn’t grow up camping.  We were not the family who schelped into the woods with just our bare necessities to “get away from it all”.  We liked to vacation, but it almost always involved a warm sunny beach, a hotel, and if my parents really felt ambitious, perhaps a small excursion.

It wasn’t until I was in college that I was really introduced to camping.  My best friend was and still is the opposite of nature phobic. To her camping is second nature.  She is incredibly resourceful and if I got to bring one thing with me to a deserted island it would probably be her (not sure if that is allowed but that is my choice).  She was the first person who yanked my behind out into the woods. She made me eat a hotdog off a stick she cracked off a tree. And, I remember waking up sandwiched in a slowly deflated blow up mattress.  To say she was winning me over was an overstatement. But I survived and I vowed I would never go camping again.

I held true to my no camping vow until I met my husband.  Again another individual in my life who finds being outdoors more enjoyable then any place on earth.  He was the kid who went out in the woods and survived on squirrel and instincts if you get my drift. Dating him I was doomed to have to camp again and sure enough not long after meeting we went on our first camping trip. Now thankfully a bit older I was able to mask some of the crazy with a heavy pour of Malibu and Diet Coke, but something else happened as well…I actually kind of enjoyed myself.  My air mattress this time didn’t leave me waking up in a crevice that I lovingly call an air mattress taco and the food was grilled over a flame on a fun tripod contraption vs. a stick. This camping thing I thought might actually have potential.

Fast forward a decent amount of years and here I am – a camping ninja.  Ok maybe not a camping ninja, but I have definitely learned how to camp or now defined as “glamp” with the best of them.  My biggest accomplishment was when my husband and I purchased a Camper. No more sleeping in a tent for this girl. Give me nature, give me campfires, give me food over the open flame, but also give me a bed and a toilet.  

Now camping with my family is outstanding, but what I am really about is taking a Girls “Glamping” trip.  Remember back to the beginning of my story and my barebones nature adventure my best friend took me on? Did I also mention that it was raining that entire night and my girlfriend let me know that we would be fine and float on the mattress if necessary?  I was not about to repeat that experience in my life so moving forward we now “glamp”. Now this isn’t your typical girls trip. It requires no makeup, no high heels and no drama. I feel like I am singing a Kenny Chesney song. We take our camper (yes a bed and toilet).  We head to the woods and we soak up the piece and quiet. We reminisce of the day where I ate a hotdog off a stick. We drink Malibu Diets, we potty in toilets, we wear stretchy pants, top knots and no bra.

As a mom it is the time where laundry and cleaning take a backseat and the only thing that needs my immediate attention is my plate of food (that no one else will eat off of).  

When I come back from a weekend trip I am a new mom and wife.  Putting my feet in the green grass, laughing until it hurts, and sleeping straight for 8 hours does wonders for the parent psyche.  I am not saying everyone needs to go out and buy a camper, BUT I would suggest heading to a campground and renting a cabin or a Yurt (if you don’t know what this is, Google it – super cool), or borrowing a camper.  Give yourself the opportunity to soak up nature with your best friends. And, don’t eat hotdogs off sticks, buy a steak and grill it over the open flame.

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