Passionate About the Rock County, WI
and the Moms Who Live Here

No Poop Down the Shoot! – What is your sign?

It’s cute those signs they have now at all the home decorating stores. You know the cute signs I’m talking about. The ones that say “This family runs on love and faith”, “Always kiss me good night”, “Love you more”, etc. There are the longer ones that always compile a list of “House Rules”. They are […]

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Grandma Camp; Anywhere U.S.A.

Grandma Camp 2017 is officially in the books. It was EPIC, OUTSTANDING, AWESOME, SPONTANEOUS, and MYSTERIOUS, as described by its participants. After reading those adjectives you may be visualizing a camp week full of scheduled events, educational activities, and meaningful programs. But that is not Grandma Camp at all. Grandma Camp was epic, outstanding, awesome, […]

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