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Grandma Camp; Anywhere U.S.A.

Grandma Camp 2017 is officially in the books. It was EPIC, OUTSTANDING, AWESOME, SPONTANEOUS, and MYSTERIOUS, as described by its participants. After reading those adjectives you may be visualizing a camp week full of scheduled events, educational activities, and meaningful programs. But that is not Grandma Camp at all. Grandma Camp was epic, outstanding, awesome, […]

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10 Ideas for an At-Home Date Night. The “After Kids are Asleep” Kind of Night.

Date night, sweet date night.  I can picture it now.  Getting all fancy and spruced up for a night out with my husband, making sure the kids have their favorite foods of hot dogs or frozen pizza for dinner with the grandparents while we’ll be devouring a juicy filet mignon with crusted blue cheese on […]

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Why I won't pay my kids for chores

Why I Won’t Pay My Kid to do Chores

In the near future we plan to introduce the concept of chores to our 6 year old daughter. In the past she has helped with small tasks when asked such as clearing the dinner table, sweeping floors, and the occasional switching over laundry. As she gets older, my husband and I have realized that she […]

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My Husband is a Real PLAYER!

Did you click on this link hoping to find some juicy gossip about a low down, shady husband??  If so, I am about to burst your bubble.  The type of player I am talking about isn’t the one you are thinking of.   See in my family I am the Mama and with that comes […]

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